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Having taken quality as a priority in production and  performance, each minibar is tested 2 times ( cooling unit and final prodıust) at ISM factory according to EN ISO 15502 standars

Staring from purchase of raw materials, Quality Control process is followed very carefully and seperately in Metal Sheet, Polyrethane, Assembly, Cooling unit and packaging lines.

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ISM is a worldwide Company exporting  70% of its products to more than 53 countries through a strong distributor network.
ISM MINIBAR was founded in 1986 and specialized on absorption cooling type of hotel minibars. Since INCI HOLDING ( ) has become the only share holder in year 2000, ISM Minibar has been a well-reputed name in hospitality sector with its rapidly growing sales channels, improving research & development projects and satisfactory sales & after sales service. Continue
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