The “North Star Sustainability Award” of TAIDER was won by the ISM Minibar.


In order to support the development of sustainability consciousness in family companies, the award given for the first time this year by the TAIDER Family Business Association under the “North Star: Sustainability Project for Family Companies”. In the category of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, ISM Minibar was deemed worthy of the award.
The 5th National Family Business Summit ceremony of TAIDER Family Business Association was held on the 3rd of November - Friday night in Istanbul, and the “North Star Sustainability Award” was given to the winners, which is the first sustainability award in the world within the family companies.
In order to support the development of family businesses for generations and the durable & permanent growth of Turkish economy, TAIDER Family Business Association was founded in 2012, and the Swiss-based “Family Business Network International”, which is organized in 27 countries is the member of Turkey as well.


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